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Events: Nuclear Africa 2015 Conference - Review

The Nuclear Africa 2015 Conference was held in conjunction with Necsa. The opening date of the conference coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the SAFARI 1 nuclear reactor at Pelindaba.

Speakers at the conference included: Mr Phumzile Tshelane, CEO of Necsa; Mr Yukiya Amano, Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); Mr Jean-Jacques Gautrot, Chairman of the World Nuclear Association (WNA); Mr Bryan Erler, Vice President of ASME in New York; Dr Bismark Tyobeka, CEO of the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR).

At the evening dinner Mr Amano spoke a second time in front of President Jacob Zuma and the Minister and Deputy Minister of Energy. His message was that South Africans have everything to be proud of in their nuclear achievements, and also in the country's exemplary international nuclear regulatory compliance.

In turn, President Zuma said that the country will forge ahead with its nuclear power building programme, encouraged by the past successes of South Africa's nuclear achievements.

The numbers of exhibitors at the conference was increased over the previous year with some exhibits under canvas roofs in the gardens. The cocktail party was held under the stars in the gardens, with a loud volume of conversation drifting out over the moonlit bushveld.


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