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Daliff Precision Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Capability to produce machined components & assemblies for the nuclear industry


Daliff is a specialist machining company focusing on the production of machined components and assemblies for the global aerospace, defence, energy and rail sectors. Our strategy has been to focus on high tech sectors where, besides technical capability, one of the significant barriers to entry is the need to acquire international certification and OEM approvals.

In order to supply such high tech sectors, Daliff has secured international certification, in the form of supplier approval, from global OEM's and local companies, including:

  • Airbus (France)
  • Alstom (France)
  • BAE Systems (UK)
  • Wabtech (USA)
  • Aerosud
  • Denel Group
  • Eskom

Daliff also has ISO9001:2008 and AS/EN9100C certification.

Given the potential nuclear build opportunity in South Africa, Daliff has identified the nuclear sector as being of strategic interest to us. In order for us to be prepared, we have had our Quality Management System independently reviewed against the nuclear NSQ 100 standard, and it has been found to conform to NSQ 100.

We are therefore ready to immediately start with development activities on the production of nuclear assemblies. We are keen to collaborate with any other companies with a view to producing nuclear industry components and assemblies. We are ready to formally initiate the process to obtain NSQ100 certification, or any other certification deemed necessary.


Machining & Metrology capability

Our CNC milling capability includes continuous 5 axis operation up to (X=2200mm, Y=560mm & Z=720mm), 3 axis up to (X=2000mm, Y=1000mm & Z=750mm) and CNC turning (turning diameter 400mm & swing 870mm).

Currently we have 16 CNC machines running two shifts on selected machines.

We have approximately 8000 machine hour's capacity per month, but this could be significantly increased should we move to a 24/7, 3 shift system.

Daliff's primary market is the aerospace sector, where the customer's requirements dictate batches of between five and fifty units, whereas our defence business often requires batches in the hundreds or even thousands.

The majority of our customer's specifications require that a tolerance of +/- 15 micrometre be maintained for milling and +/-10 micrometre for turning.

Our metrology department has a CNC 3D Co-Ordinated Measuring Machine (CMM) capable of measuring to +/-5 micrometre. The CMM is linked to our CNC programming software and also to the 3D models provided by our customers. This integration enables us to provide our customers with a CMM metrology report detailed to their specific requirements.


Supply chain

Over the years Daliff has developed a supply chain involving a set of local high tech companies, and has also developed relationships with local universities, as well as with the South African government's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

This network has enabled Daliff to offer our customers access to a broad range of related scientific and engineering services, either directly or as a subcontractor via Daliff.

These services include:

  • Material selection and testing (local sourcing of material to international specifications)
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Product design and development
  • Investment castings
  • CNC Pipe bending
  • Robotic welding
  • Complex sheet metal fabrication
  • On-site installation, testing and commissioning



Since 2007 Daliff has been delivering over 170 different part numbers, on a monthly basis, into the Airbus supply chain for the A320 and A400M programs. More recently a long term contract has been signed with Wabtech (USA). A contract with Alstom (France) is also being finalized. In addition to these long term contracts, significant numbers of ongoing monthly projects are completed for Rheinmetall and the Denel Group, involving complex defence orders.


Product offering

Daliff's reputation has been built around producing machined components to the exacting standards of the aerospace industry.

Daliff also offers global companies, which are seeking a South African manufacturing capability, access to our supply chain and to our extensive range of services, ranging from material selection through to precision commissioning. In the South African context, we are a supplier with impeccable transformation credentials (BEE Level 1 & 33% black owned).

Daliff is seeking to partner with global and local OEM's in the nuclear sector, who require a precision manufacturing capability, operating to international standards, across a broad range of engineering services.



Our entry into the global aerospace and rail sectors required that our pricing be globally competitive.

It is our policy, when engaging with a potential long term customer, to be completely open in our pricing model and to seek to negotiate a price that is attractive to both parties.

Daliff is prepared to work with our customers to provide or source the broadest possible suite of engineering services to enable our customers to achieve their objectives in South Africa.