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A government objective of the major new nuclear build programme is to aim for the inclusion of substantial localisation in the construction and fabrication. This objective caters for all sizes of companies from large to small and includes universities, research institutes, development agencies and any entity which has some skill or capacity to offer.

Nuclear Africa is building up a directory of companies and organisations which would like their capabilities to be projected. Part of the objective is to attract companies, which may possess complementary skills to offer, to encourage them to make contact with others to see if they can work together to develop products or services.

Companies listing themselves here are not only offering their services, but also inviting collaboration from any other entity which may be interested. Please feel free to contact any of them for exploratory discussions.

Daliff Precision Engineering

Sector: Manufacturing

Daliff is a specialist machining company focusing on the production of machined components and assemblies for the global aerospace, defence, energy and rail sectors.


Thorium Limited (STL)

Sector: Nuclear Design

STL is a nuclear design company involved with the development of nuclear fuel and also the development of a new generation 'Pebble Bed'-type reactor.


Arint South Africa

Sector: Nuclear Systems Engineering

Arint has developed systems for the long-term storage of High-level Nuclear Waste. Arint also designs general multi-disciplinary systems.


Centre for High Resolution
Transmission Electron Microscopy

Sector: Materials Characterisation
and Research

The CHRTEM is a high-tech materials investigation unit. Staffed by an impressive array of academics it houses a state-of-the-art complement of electron microscopes, x-ray devices and associated equipment.