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Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd is a nuclear project management company based in Pretoria, South Africa.

South Africa is currently the only country in Africa which generates electricity produced by nuclear power.

Government has announced its intention to significantly expand nuclear power.

Furthermore, Government has also indicated that it wishes to encourage a great deal of localisation in the construction and fabrication of nuclear facilities. This policy opens up major business opportunities for companies large and small, both domestic and international, to become involved in nuclear developments in South Africa.

Nuclear Africa provides a range of services related to nuclear manufacturing and to advancing the construction and fabrication of the new nuclear power plants. Facilitation and public affairs services are also offered. Nuclear Africa is operated by nuclear and economics experts backed by a substantial group of authorities and experts in all fields related to nuclear power.


Mr Bonne Posma


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Mr Leon Louw

Director: Regulatory Affairs

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Nuclear power has been in commercial operation around the world for sixty years. It has shown itself to be a reliable and cost effective form of electricity production. Notwithstanding the visible evidence, there has been considerable public fear and suspicion of nuclear technology globally.

South Africa has declared its intention of progressing with the implementation of a major nuclear power development programme. To achieve this objective the intentions of government and the abilities and ambitions of industry must be brought together in a mutually beneficial manner.

To achieve this, the various players must be brought into productive contact with one another. Nuclear Africa endeavours to do this.

Another company objective is to assist companies in the process of achieving nuclear standards of fabrication so that they can enter the world nuclear market.

An additional critical element which is required is to promote public understanding and acceptance of the processes involved in the building of nuclear power plants.

Nuclear Africa is working to implement a strategy to bring all parties into productive interaction in an open and transparent manner so that scientifically based decisions can be taken and implemented with wisdom.